a few thoughts i jotted down for the bitsy cloud jam, using bitsy and pixsy

uses edited screencaps from neon genesis evangelion and yume nikki

standard bitsy rules! arrow keys to move, right arrow key to advance the game, bump into things to interact...

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withBitsy
TagsAnime, artgame, Bitsy, Pixel Art


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this is so lovely!!

So so in love with this bitsy and the way you weaved yume nikki into these thoughts! Wonderful 

Really enjoyed this one :) I love the clouds and the still frame of the window! The beyond slice of life anime with a person staring out a window is something I would definitely watch ^_^ 

my favorite bitsy games focus on & capture a really specific feeling or idea and this does that perfectly!! i also would love an anime of someone looking out the window hehe. great job!

I loved it. Those tiny clouds are perfect

this is really good! 

The writing, the theme, everything is. GREAT!

thank you!!