a deep dive on my favourite game of all time (maybe)

built in twine

images are mostly taken from the neopets site/jellyneo

music: ice cream machine theme song, added using bitsy audio

i hope u enjoy <3

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tagsessay, neopets, Twine


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The kid inside of me always wanted to know what was beyond double chocolate...now I know. Thank you!

This was such a delight. I could never get very far into this game and had no idea there were so many levels 🍦

Beautiful, a delight to travel down memory lane. Now I want to play some Touhou while eating ice cream. The perfect ideal state.

wow i haven't thought abt this game(or neopets!) in forever, thanks for this blast to the past!

As someone who thinks Barf Boat is a near perfect game, I really respect this.