An inventory for a game that doesn't exist.

made for the 'cursed book' bitsy jam with bitsy and image-to-bitsy  /  font is derived from Wizard's Manse by anna anthropy

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Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Fantasy, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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I love the art and all the details!

Ah yes, the really final boss of video games...inventory management.

This is really cute!


Very good idea! Telling a whole game story with only hints from your bag at the near-end screen... Only misses some music for ambience! 

this is great! thank you for making it!!! <3<3<3

Oh I loved it, such nice art and text. The idea is also great. Congrats!


This is great. I always love the device of having something purport to be a snippet of a larger (non-existant) thing. The art is lovely, and the text is amusing. Loved it.


Thank you!!

I am not familiar with bitsy, but how slow the cursor moves would be really frustrating if this system was implemented in any game.


okay this is really good!! i love your art and all the descriptions are rather fuck and sometimes feel like tongue in cheek? i love it! i really enjoyed the different weapons and how you did that whole section. This was a real good time :D


thank you so much!!! the weapons section was a bit of a faff so I'm glad it worked out!! ^^;


it worked out RLY great  \( ^ ♡ ^ )/